services1Many home and business owners enjoy the benefits of relaxing salt-water tanks filled with mysterious and colorful creatures. But getting started with your first tank is time consuming and challenging. Our experts at Reef Stars will meet with you to determine your needs and budget. We will help you select the best location and design for your office space or home, the type of system and maintenance plan that would compliment best the types of marine life you would like. We would discuss owning versus leasing options and answer any questions to create the best solution for your needs.


Saltwater aquariums require regular maintenance to thrive. Reef Stars offers a variety of comprehensive maintenance options: from once a week/month visit, to vacation monitoring. Our marine aquarium experts will meet with you to determine your tank’s needs and will customize your maintenance plan to fit your schedule and budget.

services3Our typical maintenance plan includes the following:

  • Thorough cleaning of all surfaces, equipment and filters as needed;
  • Testing and adjusting the water chemistry to levels best suited for your livestock;
  • Changing and adding water, using premixed filtered water;
  • Filling auto feeders if available;
  • Monitoring equipment for optimal performance;
  • Overall diagnostics of the system’s performance;
  • Monitoring livestock for well being and recommending solutions to improve health if needed.

Maintaining a salt-water aquarium could be a daunting task and our goal is to remove the stress and anxiety out of it for you, so you can enjoy a stress-free piece of marine world at your home or office. Reef Stars serves all Denver areas and is your premier choice for aquarium installation and maintenance.


services2Reef Stars also supplies Denver residents with the highest quality corals. We buy our corals only from reputable and trusted sources: both suppliers and wholesalers and then let them grow out in our designated coral tanks. We strongly believe in coral farming as a means for coral reef conservation and do our best to support oceans sustainability.

Please take a look at our current availability, or contact us for your private tour of our coral farm.