Blood Splatter Favia


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Blood Splatter Favia 3/4-1″. Favia Coral, which grows in colonies, generally plants itself at either the bottom or middle of a reef or rock bed. This type of coral is widespread throughout both the Atlantic Ocean and the Indo-Pacific Ocean. How to Care for Favia Coral The care level required to keep a healthy Favia Coral is minimal. This easy level of care is due to the fact that the Favia Coral does not have any real special requirements and can very easily adapt to conditions with would not be considered “perfect”, i.e. ideal water temperature, lighting, etc. However, even though it is not absolutely essential for their survival, the Favia Coral does prefer a moderate level of lighting, meaning approximately 3-4 watts of light per gallon of water in the tank. This should also be achieved through a combination of natural and fluorescent light. Again, too, the Favia Coral likes placement at the bottom or middle of the tank.