Yuma Mushroom 2


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WYSIWYG Yuma Mushroom 2. Mushroom corals, also called Corallimorphs or mushroom anemones, are very hardy corals, and one of the best for the beginner reef aquarium. Among one of the best beginner corals, they can even be maintained in aquariums with just sand substrate, live rock, and an airstone for water movement and oxygenation. This is because they will tolerate high levels of nitrate and other organic compounds. They will do even better, and their colors will brighten further, in an aquarium with low levels of organic compounds. Most mushroom corals prefer indirect light or shade so the VHO fluorescent or metal halide lighting is not required. Mushroom corals come in many different colors like blue, red, green, brown, purple and often have stripes, spots, and mottled color variations. A very easy coral to keep, the mushroom coral prefers indirect light from fluorescents and low water current. They will often propagate until they completely cover the substrate upon which they grow.